Have a look through some of our previous work throughout Lancashire


e are proud to present our work to you, so you can get an idea for the excellent level of quality that you can expect with our building and renovation services.

We are fully health and safety compliant, and are fully approved by Acclaim. We consider health and safety to be a very important part of the day to day running our business.

Adapting homes for the less able is a speciality of B McDermott and Son. We carry out a wide range of access solutions in the home or workplace, and have extensive knowledge of the adaptations needed to make life that bit easier.

B Mcdermott & Son carry out both internal and external disabled adaptions. Below are examples of the projects we have completed:

  • Level Access Showers – completely flush shower rooms, either as a DFG (council grant) or completely custom wetroom.
  • Level Access Doors – renewing both internal and external doors with Part M compliant low-level thresholds to remove steps and enable access.
  • Ramps and Paths – constructed in concrete, timber or paving to provide a gentle gradient to building entrances.
  • Door Widening – enlarging structural openings to allow access for wheelchair users and making good to match existing decorations.
  • Clos-o-Mat Installation – fitting Total Hygiene’s fully automated WC, leaving it fully commissioned and ready-to-use.
  • Accessible Kitchens – with pull down baskets, rise-and-fall worktops and sinks, reachable oven housing and wheelchair facilitating plinths to enable easy access.
  • Lift and Hoist Installation – working with specialist installers, including carrying out all builders’ work needed for lift and hoist installation.
  • Ground Floor Extensions – entire single-storey extensions (which include many of the above adaptions) to assist disabled users to live independently.